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Furniture Repository
This service is cheaper for customers who need to store furniture and belongings without needing access to your module, nothing unexpected; in these cases access is free of charge.

Storage Rooms

For individuals and freelancers who need extra space with easy access from their vehicle to the garage door, ensuring privacy and without trucks carrying things down the aisles.

Trasteros economicos en Barcelona
Small Warehouses
This service is demanded by professional and freelancers and it adapts to space requirements - fixed storage costs become variable costs.

Bonded Warehouses
For companies, professionals and freelancers who need to store equipment, tools or machinery periodically or permanently, promotional materials, etc.

Documentation Custody
Keep all documentation that takes up space in Láser. Use our facilities for your permanent and current archive.

About Us


Láser is a company with 30 years of experience in providing a comprehensive solution to the problem of changing space and transportation for individuals and business.

Over 3000 m2 distributed in boxes, modules or small warehouses of sizes and different features to suit the needs of each client.

Spaces that are tailored to provide personalized service to individuals, freelancers, and enterprises: furniture, lumber, small warehouses, files storage, etc.

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